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Mesh Chairs

These handy and durable chairs help ensure the integrity of remesh or cable during concrete pours. The flexible seat attaches firmly to cables and remesh where they intersect with no need for ties -- thus providing an effective, secure attachment point that won't shift during the stress of concrete pouring. Unlike rigid support systems, Mesh Chairs flex or collapse during concrete pours before gradually configuring to its original shape. This reduces the stress placed on the wire mesh and helps prevent it from bending or being damaged, virtually eliminating sharp ends of wire mesh from puncturing the membrane to ensure consistent, top-quality concrete work.

Catalog Number Cover Quantity Per Box
10EAM 1" 2000
15EAM 1 1/2" 1500
20EAM 2" 500
25EAM 2 1/2" 500
30EAM 3" 250