We Manufacture Chairs & Spacers that are used for Pre-Cast Concrete and Concrete Construction Projects


 Serving the Concrete Construction Industry for over 45 years, American Spacer is one of the largest single-source manufacturers and distributors of custom-molded spacers and chairs used in concrete construction. All of our products are proudly made in the USA. 

We are the leader in custom concrete spacers made in the USA.

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About Us

American Spacer Technologies designs and manufactures high-quality injection- molded plastic products to facilitate and expedite concrete construction in a reliable and cost-effective way. American Spacer Technologies Inc. was formed with the 2008 purchase of the H & H Hulls Company, which had been doing business in the plastic injection molding industry for the past 43 years. READ MORE 

We Promise

 We strive to conduct our day-to-day business with clear, open communication, keep our promises and place excellence in customer service above all. Over the years we have developed solid relationships with our customers and industry professionals, to deliver innovation and custom products that are built tough. We combine our product expertise and industry experience to deliver the optimal custom molding spacers for our customers within budget and on time. 

Our Mission

Design and manufacture high grade quality injection molded products to support the concrete precast and prestress industries and beyond.  We will deliver products in a timely manner at a fair market value.  We are committed to working  with any prospective customer or existing customer to develop new custom products that will create a more cost effective and efficient model assisting the concrete manufacturer on a daily basis.  

Our Custom Concrete Spacers

Custom Molding

American Spacer Technologies Inc., specializes in custom molding, we have completed many custom molds for direct customers and indirect clients and manufactured the parts. 

Bar Chairs

Bar Chairs are used to position reinforcing bars, wire mesh, post-tensioning cables, electrical conduit and other items embedded into concrete such as widely spaced light steel in slab construction.

High Chairs

These high-quality supports have been designed for maximum aggregate flow and concrete consolidation.
They will securely cradle all sizes of reinforcing.

Stack Chairs

Made of high-density polyethylene, these chairs provide excellent and long-lasting corrosion protection, both on the job-site and in concrete.

Mesh Chairs

These handy and durable chairs help ensure the integrity of remesh or cable during concrete pours.
The flexible seat attaches firmly to cables and remesh where they intersect with no need for ties — thus providing an effective, secure attachment point that won’t shift during the stress of concrete pouring.

Bolster Chairs

Plastic slab/beam bolsters are a continuous rebar support used in tilt-up and cast-in-place slab and deck construction.
They are ideal for both light and heavy-duty rebar support applications and are suitable for stainless, black and epoxy rebar.






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